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Favorite Series
Mary Kills People
Death is the only thing in life that has any meaning
Prison break ,orange is the new black are kids in front of this....Amazing Masterpiece
Stan Against Evil
There were some bad days in my life when i had nothing to kill time with so i watched Ash vs Evil Dead loved it and now this looks promising
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
Ok the feeling of helping,giving is dope i understand that but i only watched those first 3 episode because of his sister i somehow got attached to looking at her.
Isn't reality deluded. Must watch,will revisit after a year or two to rekindle my conscious
Isn't reality deluded. Must watch,will revisit after a year or two to rekindle my conscious
The Good Doctor
i confess i loved Dr.House and whats better than that House on autism
Young Sheldon
You are gonna love this even if you are not a bbt fan
This is a masterpiece
The Tick (2016)
i don't know If you guys have watched interdimensional cable there was a cartoon show named "The tick" of dimension c-137
The Tick (2016)
http:// www. watchepisodes4. com /the-tick
The Tick (2016)
Okay i remembered something goto
Rick and Morty
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Morty
The Tick (2016)
I don't know why i watched this but i had nothing to do and it didn't seem that bad
A good series that focuses on the trivalities that people who are different face.
Mr. Mercedes
Ahhh Something nice
The Sinner
Need Something twisted then watch this.
The Mist
If something is not as good as you expected but you will still watch it accept it
The Mist Season 1 Episode 5
Who else was waiting for the sex scene
Just watch it
I'm Sorry
Awkward lvl 8
No second thoughts needed watch
How can you not love something so twisted