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28yo Chef & Radio/TV Journalist. Tattoos & piercings <3

Favorite Series
Z Nation Season 4 Episode 5
Worst episode so far.... And that is a lot said from one of my favorite shows.
Marvel's Inhumans
The series has been a bit boring from time to time but i'm hopeful that it will get better with time.
Once Upon a Time
I'm on the fence with the new season with new cast.. It wasn't bad but it wasn't what it used to be either. Have to check out few more episodes to make a decision to keep watching or say bye to what used to be a wonderful series.
Marvel's The Defenders
Finally a good show with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. All 3 redeemed after crappy stand-alone series.
Naked and Afraid Season 7 Episode 7
Its the 6th episode reuploaded as 7th
Legion Season 1 Episode 5
I'm trying to enjoy this show, but i cant...
Best animated serie of all time! I truly hope they listen to their fans and make more of it.
Still wondering why new episodes isn't being uploaded??
The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 14
The links either don't work or are for the previous episode
Supernatural Season 11 Episode 12
Is this a joke? Not a good one!
New Girl Season 5 Episode 3
Yeah, major audio problems